Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Meeting Brando, Hong Kong's USB Willy Wonka

Elaine Chow of Gizmodo visited Hong Kong recently to catch up with Brando, the legendary USB-gadget maven behind the popular online gadget shop. From Gizmodo:
The place looked like what would happen if a garage hobbyist, comp-sci college student, and nerdy teen mashed all their stuff together and exploded it into an otherwise sterile office. It was, in short, geek heaven.

Boxes, filled with USB cords, wacky flash drives, keychain laser pointers and who knows what else, were stacked on top of each other everywhere.

By one wall, they made a precarious citadel that towered over our heads like some gadgety sword of Damocles. According to Brando, a good chunk of these were being shipped out to other stores, including ThinkGeek. Now you know where they get some of their oddball products too.

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