Friday, February 06, 2009

The Asia Pacific Launch of the new Prada phone!

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LG and Prada announced the Asia Pacific launch of their latest Prada phone yesterday at an event held at St Regis, Singapore. I was there together with bloggers from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and folks from the regional media. Watch the video of the launch event below.

At first glance, the new Prada phone looks like its predecessor but this latest collaboration between LG and Prada has a lot of improvements such as LG's latest active flash UI technology and haptic feedback on touch input enhancing the experience of the phone's exclusive contents offerings. The new Prada phone now has 3G capability with HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps, an advanced 5 megapixel camera with flash that allows slow motion video recording and DivX playback and more importantly a slide-out Qwerty Keypad. Other features include Wi-Fi, full HTML browser, video calling capabilities, exclusive Prada ring tones, wallpapers and video clips.

In addition to the Prada phone, both LG and Prada also announced yesterday the Prada Link, a new wearable wrist accessory for the Prada phone. The watch wirelessly synchronizes with the Prada phone via Bluetooth. It can alert users either by sound or vibration to incoming calls, SMS messages, Caller ID and alarm notifications without having to take the handset out of the pocket or a bag.

Guests at the launch event yesterday were also treated to the first episode of Fallen Shadows, the second animated short created by Prada. The 30 second short film dedicated to the new Prada phone, is directed by James Lima using state of the art technology. Watch Fallen Shadows below.

The starting price for the Prada Link is at US$430 while the Prada phone costs US$850. Both are available now in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. You can view all the photos taken at the launch here.

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ClubEddy said...

Nice to meet you.

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Internet makes people being close to each other. Suprise that I saw myself in video (the guy is holding a netbook). :-p

Superman said...

At least Prada 2 is way better than Prada 1's spec. But in term of design, it's still the same.

GeekGod said...

The watch looks cool but if you add it and the phone, it's an expensive combination.

Anonymous said...

what's up with that animated short???

Princessa said...

Hey handsome.
Your videos come out damn quickly lor :(
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