Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Live!


I was covering the American Idol Finale live on my Twitter. For those of you who missed it, here are the tweets:

-Ladies and gentlemen, I can't believe I'm watching TV this early in the morning but this is... American Idol!!!! Live!

-Based on the scoops last night, it looks like Kris Allen will beat Adam Lambert. Don't know why I'm still watching.

-100 million votes last night for both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

-Ryan Seacrest is introducing the Idol judges now with very funny snippets of their judging style.

-Adam Lambert and Kris Allen take the stage! Both in all white, very PAP like.

-The American Idol Top 13 sings So What! All of them in all white!

-Last year's American Idol winner David Cook is singing now! Woohoo! I love David Cook!!!!

-This new single sang by David Cook is actually very nice. Love seeing him again on Idol. I was crazy over Cook last year. Glad that he won.

-David Cook is giving up the title tonight. Says both Adam and Kris are great performers.

-It's the Golden Idol Awards time now. Ryan is presenting awards to those Idol contestants who didn't make it.

-Nominees for Outstanding Male. Hahaha! Showing this guy who is singing this terrible rendition of Mad World.

-This is the funny part of the Idol Finale where we can laugh at the past contestants this year that are really really really terrible.

-The winner for Outstanding Male is Nick Mitchell. Remember him?

-Oh my god. he just stripped on stage!! And is singing now.

-It's time for the first duet of the evening. Lil and Queen Latifah!

-Paula Abdul is always looking happy during performances and dances along. I really like to have the drug she's taking.

-Jason Mraz, Anoosh and Alexis doing a threesome on stage now.

-Showing the journey of Kris Allen. It's amazing how this dude grows stronger and stronger throughout the competition.

-Kris Allen is singing a duet with country music star Keith Urban. Both with their guitars.

-Not bad. Actually Kris Allen should consider doing country music. LOL. Or better yet do Gospel songs.

-The 5 female Idols, Alexis, Allison, Jasmine, Lil and Megan are performing now with Fergie!

-Black Eyed Peas takes the stage!

-Golden Idol Awards again. Saluting the contestants who have the best attitude.

-And the Golden Idol goes to Katrina, the bikini clad contestant! Yay! Her bod is stunning! Esp those fake boobs.

-Katrina is wearing her bikini and singing on stage. Wait. Idol judge Cara joins her, with her clothes still on, of course.

-Oh my god. Idol judge Cara just ripped apart her dress after the song to reveal her black bra and panties!!!

-Allison sings Time After Time with Cyndi Lauper. I actually love Allison. Her voice rocks and the red hair!

-I can't believe that I'm seeing Cyndi Lauper on Idol. Sorry, I didn't know she's still around.

-But seriously, that's a very good performance by Cyndi Lauper and Allison.

-Ryan Seacrest is talking to Kris Allen's parents. Dad says thanks to America for voting for his son.

-Now Ryan is talking to Adam Lambert's parents.

-Danny Gokey is singing Hello. Ha! I'm guessing Lionel Ritchie will step out soon.

-And yes, what did I just say? Lionel Ritchie is indeed on stage!!! Joins Danny.

-BTW, no one sings Hello like David Cook. They should make Cook sing it with Lionel.

-Lionel Richie doesn't look like he has aged. Botox? Plastics? Lots of sex?

-Now showing Adam Lambert's journey on Idol. I'm loving Adam more than David Cook. And I really was crazy for David last year.

-Adam Lambert takes the stage. Gosh what is he wearing?!

-Looks like Adam is wearing for some musical. Oh wait. Kiss just joined him on stage. Adam and Kiss. Now that's something!

-Adam actually looks quite good with the crazy Kiss guys. I think he should put on the Kiss face make up.

-Would I pay to see Kris in concert? No. Would I pay to see Adam? Yes. Coz he knows how to entertain n he got the pipes too.

- Guitar legend Carlos Santana is on stage. With his guitar, what else. Matt Giraud sings along. The rest of the guys and girls join in the fun too.

-Hahaha! Steve Martin plays the ukelele. Michael Sarver and Megan both singing. Ooops that's not an ukelele. It's a banjo.

-Steve Martin thinks that he will win Idol tonight. Hahaha! Amazing that he actually has a music album out.

-Ah, the guys wearing nice black suits, tie with white t-shirts, take the stage now. I'm digging Anoosh's face hair.

-Oh my god! It's Rod Steward!!!! He doesn't like the Idols to be sharing the stage with him. Shoos them away. Ha!

-Last Golden Idol of the evening. Nominees for outstanding female. haha! Time to laugh at these poor girls!

-Tatiana won Outstanding Female. Runs up to the stage. Ryan tells her its time for a break. She insists on singing. All staged.

-Adam Lambert and Kris Allen do the Queen number, We Are the Champions with Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Hmmm isn't Queen looking for a lead singer? Adam Lambert should fit in very well.

-Kris and Adam on stage, together. Results soon! Simon says both are brilliant, nice people, future is all theirs.

-And the new American Idol is..... Kris Allen! What did I tell you? I was right. My info was 100% spot on!

-They are giving him the new American Idol trophy. So I'm correct. The Anti Gays, Christian fanatics have voted Kris to win.

-The new American Idol Kris Allen sings the very crappy winner's song. Paula doesn't look so happy.

So, Kris Allen is the new American Idol. Does he deserved it? I don't think so. Adam has been the top dog throughout the competition and for him to lose it at the very end is just totally unfair. Anyway, I first broke the news that Kris has won Idol some 13 hours ago on Twitter. Here are some of the interesting tweets last night about that breaking news:

-BREAKING NEWS! I've been told that someone who works for Idol confirms that Kris Allen has won American Idol. Fuck! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-BREAKING! Source confirms that only a couple of tens of thousands votes separate both Kris and Adam. Kris won Idol by a very slim margin.

-BREAKING! Same source also confirms that Kris did lead in previous rounds and that they did not "fake it" by putting Adam near the bottom.

-My source, the "Idol staff" has not replied to my messages. Hopefully he will not get fired for letting me know the result.

-Kris Allen seemed to consistently beat Adam Lambert by that slim margin for the first two hours of voting.

-Pastor tells everyone to vote for Kris because he is a believer and he comes from a great ministry. WTF!

-Anti Gays, Christian fanatics, Danny Gokey fans are all voting for Kris Allen. No wonder Adam loses by slim margin.

-Don't believe me that Christians are assembling their army to vote for Kris Allen? Here's another pastor rallying.

-First the Christian fanatics tried to take over pro-gay AWARE, now they are taking over Idol to make sure Gaybert doesn't win.


Mr Big said...

Not surprising. Americans are deaf. Look at the type of music at the top of their charts all the time.

dann said...

adam lost? how could it be? i think it is rigged.

GeekGod said...

Dude I think you are one of the first - if not the first - to break the result last night.

Shy said...

I was hoping for IZ to win.

knightmax said...

i agree with your assessment. it does look more and more likely that kris had "divine" intervention.

Anonymous said...

America doesn't like gays. At least those who watch American Idol.

r'chelle said...

gaybert! lol. classic one iz.

Ulysses said...

Thanks for the live tweeting IZ. Some of the stuff is very funny.

Queenie said...

Does anyone really care who wins Idol? Both are getting their contracts. Both are on they way to sell lots of records.

Myra Leong said...

Shy: Wait for Singapore Idol. Is our IZ taking part?

Karenz said...

Adam is so much more a better singer and entertainer. Kris is boyish, has got the boy next door look but I don't like his face when he sings.

Anonymous said...

it's a close fight. adam would have won it if not for those church people and the antigays.

Bengster said...

Wah seh! Now winner get trophy one? How come not medal?

pinkdior said...

kris! kris! kris! yes!!!!

Anonymous said...

it is true. kris has backing of very powerful churches. he is quite a holy person and during the finals, had a group of pastors over to pray for him.

alamak13 said...

dun worry... adam will sell more cds than kris.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that Kris won. That guy can not sing, he strains to get the words out and he sings ugly with that twisted mouth of his.

Rickie said...

What a shocker! Oh well I have only one word for Kris: Ruben!

Anonymous said...

Kris is a Loser not a Winner he is Crappy Brad Ptt Lookalike and the rabbit mouth. I want Adam Lambert to win over Kris is Sucka Suck please let Adam Win

Anonymous said...

I want Adam to win he better than Kris Suck