Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Muji wall mounted CD player is simplicity at its best

I didn't know Muji makes CD players but now I'm sure glad they do. Take a look at this Muji CD Player. It's so simple, it's beautiful! The CD player is wall mounted, has speakers that are built into the body and to play a disc, just pull the cable.

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Su Yuen said...

Wow, the design is really elegant and smart! Actually I came to discover that Muji has quite a lot of high quality items at a lower price than other places.

The other time I was looking portfolio folder to house my print designs. I went to a lot of household bookstores like Popular and the cheapest I could find was like $12? And it looked like crap! I walked into Muji randomly not hoping to find it and saw a classy looking one going for $5.90. What a great deal :)