Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NASA links to me on Twitter!


Many thanks to NASA, NASA Goddard, Frank Summers (Outreach Astrophysicist with Hubble) and all the others who linked to the video of the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis that I posted to YouTube. I've been linked by many great bloggers and websites but NASA? How cool is that! NASA Goddard says, "@izreloaded You were faster than we were! Thanks for the post. :)" Watch the video of the shuttle launch below.

Space shuttle Atlantis and its crew of seven astronauts are currently in space, beginning their 11-day mission to service NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. It will be the final mission to repair Hubble. NASA has an interactive feature here where you can learn more about the crew, the new Hubble components, etc.

Meanwhile, you can follow Astro_Mike aka Mike Massimino, the astronaut and mission specialist who is currently on board the space shuttle. Another astronaut, Astro_127 aka Mark Polansky is also on Twitter. He will be on the next shuttle mission.

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