Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Risk Reinvention Board Game: A Review

It takes nerve. It takes determination. It takes courage. It's the new Risk board game by Hasbro! Risk Reinvention is an updated version to celebrate Risk's 50th anniversary. It features a new look and modernized rules. I had a chance to play the new Risk together and the new Monopoly Deal (thanks to Hasbro) with my mates recently and we had a blast!

Inside the box, you'll find the updated gameboard, a deck of 42 territory cards, all-new playing pieces that include 5 capitals, 15 cities and 5 sets of coloured units, 7 dice, objective cards and instructions. The instructions are a little complicated but just like Monopoly Deal, you'll learn more as you play the game.

There are three ways to play the new Risk: Basic Training, Command Room and World Conquest. Basic Training is a quick and easy way to play and designed as an introductory version of Risk. It is highly advisable to play this version until you are comfortable with the rules, then you can move on to the Command Room and World Conquest versions.

I actually love the new Risk and my mates too. The updated rules are great and allow players to streamline planning and executing strategic military campaigns and increase the rewards of taking risks during each turn. Game time is fast and furious. One can win the game in less than an hour. Like Monopoly Deal, Hasbro has done it again by taking a classic game and actually made it better.

Risk Reinvention is available at all leading toy and departmental stores at an approximate retail price of S$64.90. Is it worth buying? A 100% yes for Risk fans! Other board game lovers should have it in their collection too. More pics here.

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this game looks like a complicated one but it is really enjoyable.