Saturday, May 09, 2009

Klingons review new Star Trek movie

This is the most original movie review that I've seen in a long time. For their review of the new Star Trek movie, LoveFilm got two actors dressed as Klingons to review the movie in the Klingon language.

(Thanks GeekGod)


Anonymous said...

The theater seemed to love it as it was packed with true fans of STARTREK. I guess everyone has been waiting and the marketing was great. It lived up to the hype as well so we know there's gonna be a box office smash. You can get a free twitter background of the Star Trek movie at Mine looks hot! If you didn't see the move, GOOOO!

Coffee Nomad said...

who knew Eric Bana was a "Trekkie"? He did a great job as the villain though seriously

Past Expiry said...

I guess I'm "old school". I prefer the original star trek series, back
in the day when doing endorsements was unheard of. But if Kirk did
do endorsements, would it be like this cartoon??