Friday, May 15, 2009

Monopoly Deal Card Game: A Review

My mates and I had so much fun playing the new Monopoly Deal card game. Monopoly Deal has all the fun of owning and building iconic properties of the classic Monopoly board game – from Mediterranean Avenue to Boardwalk – but emphasizes on-the-fly real estate negotiations in game play. It is all about collecting properties and stealing from the other players.

The card game includes 110 Deal Cards, Shuffle Shaker and instructions. The objective of the game is collect three complete color property sets. The first player to do that, wins the game. You need a minimum of 2 players to play. There are various cards in Monopoly Deal: Action cards, Money cards and Property cards. The Action cards are used to charge rent, swap cards, demand birthday money, etc. Money cards go into your bank pile for you to use to pay other players. Each Property card shows you how many properties you need of that colour to complete a full set. Remember, the first player to collect 3 full property sets of different colours wins the game.

Playing the Monopoly Deal is pretty straight forward. After the cards have been shuffled using the Shuffle Shaker, deal 5 cards to each player. The rest of the cards go face down in the center to become the draw pile. Each player takes 2 cards on his turn and then decide which 3 cards (or less) he wants to play from his hand. You can put the money or action cards into your own bank, or put down the properties into your own collection or play action cards into the center.

It takes a short while to get used to the game and the instructions can be a little puzzling but once you start playing, it will all become clear. I love Monopoly Deal because it combines all the best bits of Monopoly in 20 minutes. One thing I hate about playing the original Monopoly board game is that it takes too much time to finish a game.

I like the cards which are of a high quality but I don't really see the need of the Shuffle Shaker. Putting the cards into it and shaking it is just a waste of time, really. Overall, I think the folks at Hasbro did an excellent job to take an old game that has been a favourite for many over the years and and give it a new life. Monopoly Deal has got to be the most fun card game out in the market today and it is highly addictive. Go try it! You can buy the Monopoly Deal card game at all leading toy and department stores at only S$11.90. More pics here.

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