Friday, August 04, 2006

China corrects Chinglish signs

We in Singapore have our Singlish (Singapore English). In China, they have Chinglish and it's even on their bilingual signs in cities like Beijing. Now, the Beijing authorities want to correct these Chinglish signs because they confuse foreigners. From Shanghai Daily:
BEIJING has launched a campaign to correct its "Chinglish," or Chinese-style English, on bilingual signs as part of its make-over for the 2008 Olympic Games...

The regulation requires hotels to translate their names, service hours, room rates, and notices for guests into accurate English. They should also provide signs and menus in correct English.

"Chinglish" was once prevalent in the city's signs. For example, some hotels misuse "scatter" for "evacuate" in their emergency information. Tobacco shops still advertise the sale of "smoke" instead of cigarettes and the Park of Ethnic Minorities is identified as the "Racist Park." Drivers are warned of the hazards of a wet road with a sign that reads: "The slippery are very crafty."
And some of us think Singlish is bad.


Lord Kimbo said...

I tell you. Chinglish is far worse!

Mr Big said...

There's a big difference between Singlish and Chinglish. Chinglish is the Chinese way of translating Chinese into English. It is more of a poor translation.

Myra Leong said...

Park of Ethnic Minorities is identified as the "Racist Park."