Friday, August 04, 2006

Israel captures the wrong Nasrallah

Nasrallah is not a good surname to have if you're in Lebanon. Just ask this 14 year old boy with the surname Nasrallah. He recounts his ordeal when Israeli commandos raided his home and captured he and his dad. Apparently, they were looking for the wrong Nasrallah (Chief of Hezbollah). From Naharnet:
Mohammed was taken with his father Hassan Diab, 60, his brother Bilal, 28, the fiance of his sister Hassan al-Borgi, as well as neighbors Ahmad al-Awta, 60, and Mohammed Shakar, 50.

Escorted by a hundred soldiers, they walked for an hour and 20 minutes until they reached the helicopters which had landed in a field.

"All along the road, they were asking questions. They spoke fluent Arabic, some with an accent. They asked us if we were Hizbullah members, and if we were related to Nasrallah," Mohammed said.

The family name Nasrallah is common in Lebanon, both in Muslim and Christian communities.

But the Hizbullah chief is from the southern village of Bazourieh, and is not related to the Nasrallah family from the eastern Baalbeck region.


Shy said...

Poor kid.

They might as well raid hundreds or thousands of families with the surname Nasrallah in Lebanon.

Lord Kimbo said...

Reminds me of the Bin Laden surname.

Anonymous said...

for all their military strength, this incident shows that they are desperate and stupid...

if they think they can continue bombing lebanon to stop the hezbollah attacks, they are so wrong.

Mr Big said...

The US tried and fail. Israel is trying but it doesn't look like they are succeeding. I think the world has to take a different approach in tackling terrorism. Rooting them out of their holes and caves is not the way.

sham said...

spot on mr big!

Anonymous said...

the mid east will never have peace because it is full of extremists!

mr black said...

There will never be peace in the Middle East.

Oh well, maybe only when Jesus comes back.

If he does.