Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No more sexy dancing for Thailand's under 20s

Thailand looks set to ban female students under the age of 20 to work as "coyote dancers" after the Thai Queen expressed her displeasure at watching a television coverage of women dancing in racy outfits at a Buddhist ceremony in Thailand. From International Herald Tribune:
"Any shows or performances organized in association with any Buddhist festival should be held with respect for Lord Buddha and Buddhism," Culture Minister Kaisri Sri-arun quoted the queen as saying in the statement.

The Buddhist festival in Nong Khai province showed the performers — known as "coyote dancers" — wearing provocative dresses and dancing sexually explicit moves, the Nation said. The dancers are often hired to promote events or products.

In an apparent response to the queen's concerns, Thailand's Ministry of Culture said Monday it was issuing a regulation prohibiting female students aged under 20 to work as coyote dancers, the state Thai News Agency reported.

The ministry also ordered a crackdown on inappropriate shows in public places, the report said.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry in Thailand says that such a ban must not violate individual human rights. From ETNA:
Education Minister Wijit Srisa-arn said he did not oppose the proposed issuance of a ministerial regulation banning students to work as "Coyote Girls" and "Pretty Girls," but warned that the ban must not violate individual human rights otherwise students may not be able to do any work...

The Education Ministry already has a regulation determining what students ought or ought not to do. If they do anything deemed improper, they must be advised and warned to behave themselves, the minister explained.

"If the dancing is inappropriate, whatever age does not matter. It's a matter of (the manner of) behaviour," Dr. Wijit said.

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