Friday, February 16, 2007

22 ways to reduce eye strain at your computer

If you spend many hours in front of the computer like me, then it's inevitable that you will get the occasional eye strain or worse, the Computer Vision Syndrome. But help is at hand. Here are 22 ways to help you reduce eye strain at your computer. From The Lighting Blog:
There are plenty of situations in which daylight is the best choice for task work. However, direct sunlight and bright indirect light do not make the best companions for computer work. General lighting rules of thumb apply for those who have to look at a computer monitor for hours each day:

5. Overhead lighting and bright light emanating from behind your monitor are tough on the eyes. If you have the option, use table lamps off to either side of your work area. Your monitor throws its own light, so you really only need adequate indirect light around you.

6. If you are close to a sunny window, close or adjust the blinds so light does not fall directly onto your monitor.

7. Avoid working in a dark room. Your monitor will be like a bright beacon in the dark. Your eyes will have to struggle between the extremes of light and dark. If you must work in near dark conditions, try dimming the brightness of your monitor screen. It will allow you to work reasonably comfortably for maybe an hour or so, but at some point your eyes will certainly feel the strain.

8. If you really mean to kick computer eye strain and want to properly light your home or office workspace, shop specifically for high-quality task lights that not only throw a measured degree and quality of light, but also reduce glare.

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