Friday, February 02, 2007

Egg Ads hit Japan

A Japanese firm is hoping that its new advertising idea - putting advertisements on eggs- will directly appeal to housewives. The first ad on an egg to go on sale in Japan is Chicken Ramen noodles made by Nissin Food Products. From Yahoo News:
In a new twist to the age-old conundrum, a Japanese firm is betting that -- in shopping baskets at least -- the chicken will follow the egg with the country's first advertisements stuck on eggshells.

Eggs sporting small ads for 'Chicken Ramen' noodles made by Nissin Food Products, the Japanese inventor of instant noodles, went on sale at Daiei supermarkets across Japan on Thursday in a first for Japanese shoppers.

The idea of advertising on eggs was developed in the United States and adopted by Tokyo's Sunny Side Up Inc. in cooperation with the national association of egg producers, Nihon Rangyo Kyokai.

They plan to sell three million of the eggs in one month, taking their message directly to dining tables across the nation.

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