Bush, Blair and Howard to be charged with war crimes

Dr Mahathir's Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission is holding trials for US President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Australian Prime Minister John Howard. All three will be charged with war crimes. From International Herald Tribune:
On Wednesday, conference delegates are expected to formally launch a war tribunal that would hold "trials" for world leaders, including Bush and Blair, against whom common citizens file complaints.

The tribunal will not have the legal authority of any international organization and will not be able to impose penalties, but Mahathir said its aim is to condemn the accused in history books.

"We should not hang Blair if the tribunal finds him guilty, but he should always carry the label 'War Criminal, Killer of Children, Liar,'" Mahathir said. "And so should Bush and the pocket Bush of the Bushland of Australia," he said, referring to Australia's Prime Minister John Howard, a staunch ally in Washington's campaign against terrorism.


Anonymous said…
Go Mahathir! Ha!
Anonymous said…
Hate him or like him, you still have to give him credit for standing up to the likes of Bush and Blair.
Anonymous said…
John Howard = the pocket Bush of the Bushland of Australia

Dr Mahathir is funny.


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