Monday, February 05, 2007

Robot vs Naked Purse Snatcher

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This is a Japanese news report of an incident in Seoul, Korea where a purse snatcher ran away from police, stripped his clothes and hid himself in one of the city's sewer pipes. So what do you do when you are looking for a naked man in a sewer? Send in a robot of course. And I've heard crazier things have happened in Korea.

(Thanks Mr Big)


Anonymous said...

I think the guy is mad. Why would you take off your clothes when you're in the sewer??

Anonymous said...

Did the police get the purse back? Haaaa!

Anonymous said...

Stupid sia!

Anonymous said...

IZ: I forgot to tell you that I think it looks like he was wanking off when the robot surprised him.

Anonymous said...

Score liao:

Robot 1 Naked Purse Natcher 0

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