Saturday, March 01, 2008

How to add flavour to your vodka

Wanna create your own signature flavoured vodka? Here's how you can add some flavour to your vodka through a process known as maceration. I wanna try this! Anything with liquor sounds like a great project to me. From Wired:
Once you've added the desired amount of fruit, start dousing it with the desired amount of vodka. The goal is to make sure that your produce is covered (if not submerged) in vodka. Don't mind any floaters -- they're normal. Also keep in mind that the ratio of vodka to produce has a direct effect on flavor, so pour accordingly. When you've poured in the desired amount (or filled the jar), throw on the lid and make sure it's sealed tightly. Place the jar in the refrigerator, or in a cool, dark place. Direct sunlight can wreak all sorts of havoc, so keep it away from the sun at all costs.

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cose said...

its actually nice :) thanks