Thursday, March 06, 2008

Limping Bangladeshi mistaken for Mas Selamat

A Bangladeshi who came to Singapore to seek medical treatment for his diseased leg, got a major shock when cops swarmed his flat thinking that he is Mas Selamat. Do check out his pic! Love the pose. From ST:
Mohamad Iqbal Hussain, 28, was limping to a canteen near a shopping mall in the city-state when an alert individual called police, according to The New Paper.

The reason: Mas Selamat bin Kastari, the alleged Singapore head of JI, also has a limp - and is still in hiding after escaping from detention more than a week ago.

Police cars duly swooped on the housing bloc where Mr Iqbal has been staying with a friend, and officers carried out a house-to-house search.

They left after briefly interviewing him, the newspaper added.

It turned out that Mr Iqbal, who works as a clerk in Dhaka, is in Singapore to seek medical treatment for a disease affecting his right leg and which causes him to walk with a limp.

'I was unwaware of what was happening,' he was quoted as saying.
Alert individual my ass. How can he not tell the difference?! The poor Bangla dude doesn't even resemble Mas Selamat! Anyway, guys next time if you see any limping man who you think is Mas Selamat, please make sure you get closer to him to see if he really looks like the JI leader before you call the cops lah. Singapore is already getting so much bad press about Mas Selamat's escape. The last thing we need now is to piss off tourists who are visiting our country just because they have a limping leg.

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Darth Salacious said...

Yeah, I heard about this on the news on radio earlier on.

The fella must have gotten a shock. Imagine - "I come to Singapore to get well, but I see police many many!"


xXx said...

Ya, very bad for tourism

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha wat a funny news!!!

can he sue gahmen for all the distress n shock??

maybe gahmen can give him free treatment for his leg now.

Shy said...

Hehe.. yup he's too shocked to even wear a shirt for the photo.

Mr Big said...

Welcome to Singapore Mr Iqbal!

Anonymous said...

i heard...he was shitting in the toilet..when the police stormed in...just imagine,with his bad ass leg..he have manged sit on the toilet shitter..when SOC team stromed in with their semi-automatic all pointed at him.."FREEZE"...the bangla must have said "me,speak no english...."
....nice jobs guys..all those tax-payers money...