Monday, June 30, 2008

In search of the greatest chocolate bar

Early this year, Jim decided to embark on a mission to find the world's greatest chocolate bar. On his blog Jim's Chocolate Mission, you can read his reviews of the chocolate bars that he has tasted. This is what he has to say about Nestle Milo Bar:
The 'Milo' base is a mixture of rice cereal and barley - it had a distinct biscuity malty taste which with its substantial nature made for an extremely tasty and filling base to the bar. The chocolate was neither of great or poor wasnt the strongest in flavour though had a milky sweet truth this component could be done better. The caramel element to this bar was suprising in taste...I was expecting a very sweet taste but was infact met with a flavour that was more like was far creamier than your standard caramel - very tasty.

Overall this is probably the best bar that I have tasted from the Sourthern Hemisphere so far. The 'Milo' combines a nice variety of textures and biscuity malty flavours in a substantial 50g bar that I can imagine when enjoyed with a cool glass of milk would really hit the spot if in a situation of any hunger. The only slight drawback comes with the chocolate which could of been implemented slightly better. Im also not overly sure about its 'Energy Food' positioning but that really dosent matter as at the root of things we have an extremely tasty bar.

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