Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Live @ CommunicAsia 2008: LG Press Conference



LG officially announced the Asia-Pacific launch of the LG Secret at Hall 1, Singapore Expo to a packed audience. LG Secret is the third LG Black Label Series following the success of LG Chocolate and LG Shine.

LG is hoping that the launch of LG Secret will elevate LG even further in its quest to become a top-tier mobile brand in the region.

LG Secret boasts a slim 11.8 mm thick frame with a 5.0 megapixel camera. It is the first mobile phone in the world to be made from carbon fiber. It also uses tempered glass which further enhances the phone's sturdiness.

The phone's Neon Touch Navigation appeals to users on an emotional level and visual feedback. When browsing its five Touch Media feature, the main display becomes touch sensitive for an easy and intuitive experience.

LG Secret also boasts 120 fps video recording, DivX certified video playback, Auto Luminance Control, Bluetooth Auto-Sync features and it is loaded with a Google Package that enables you to surf the internet, log into Gmail, use Google Maps and watch YouTube videos. You can also open Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, listen to music while flicking through your photos on the screen and play motion games that have a gyroscope-like effect enabled by the accelerometer sensor.

Pricing for the LG Secret is currently unavailable but I've heard that the sets will be shipped to Singapore for sale sometime next week.



More photos and videos of the LG Secret later.

Update: LG Secret will be on sale in Singapore on June 21 and will retail at S$838.

Update: View more photos here and watch the videos here.

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