Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why no ERP from Holland Rd to Orchard Rd?

Wenny left a comment in my Topix news post about higher ERP rates and new gantries. She asks why isn't there any ERP gantry from Holland Rd to Orchard Rd? From Topix:
As a road user, I cannot help but wonder why there is not a single ERP gantry on the road from Holland Rd to Orchard Rd. If we take a step back and think, this road services the population living in the West from Clementi, private estates of Bt Timah, Sixth Ave and Holland areas and these are the people who drive to work due to their better financial abilities. I am quite sure they contibute to congestion on the road too, but why is the authority not doing something to curb the traffic on that side? It seems that the authority is favouring the "rich" by compromising the "poor". Or does the authority think that ERP will not work on the "rich" since a few bucks don't matter to them at all as only the middle class will feel the pinch? It is rather ridiculous having to pay $9.50 for ERP when one travels on the CTE to go to the town on a morning. Is it reasonable?


Anonymous said...

I suspect there are some MIWs living in Holland Road area. Not very polite to inconvenience or affect their "family lives" with ERP hindrances, rights.

Mr Miyagi said...

I used to live on the corner of Holland Road and Queensway, and to be fair, Holland Road from HV to Tanglin Road, where Orchard Road begins, hardly ever suffers congestion. The bottleneck occurs just before Tanglin Shopping Centre. There is an ERP gantry on the flyover on Dunearn Road over the Stevens/Whitley junction, targeted at the families of kids who school at SCGS and ACS because, damn, they are all driven to school privately.
Besides, I have a feeling the MIWs would have a special IU in their cars which don't contain cash cards.