Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Live @ CommunicAsia 2008: Yahoo! oneSearch with voice


One of the coolest things that Yahoo! announced today at CommunicAsia2008 is the Yahoo! oneSearch with voice. They called it the next phase of mobile search technology.

Yahoo! oneSearch with voice is currently available only for English speakers in Singapore and India and you can only use it with selected BlackBerry devices including the 8800 series, Curve, and Pearl.


This English product is capable of understanding, disambiguating and learning accents localized for India and Singapore, allowing anyone to search anything by simply speaking into their devices. You can perform "wide open" searches that will return relevant results for a range of queries. And another amazing thing is the more you use it, it will adapt to your intonations and accent thus providing increasingly fine-tuned results.

Yahoo! informed me that the Yahoo! oneSearch with voice will be made available in other countries and support additional devices over the coming months.

Download it here.

Update: A startup called Vlingo is providing the voice-powered interface for Yahoo!
oneSearch. Read its press release here (PDF). Yahoo invested US$20m in the company in April.

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