Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Live @ CommunicAsia 2008 Day 2: SingTel F1 Racer



I spotted this F1 car at the SingTel booth. It's actually a simulator. Too bad because I would really like to drive this back home. The SingTel F1 simulator looked fun and I really I wanted to try it out - to see if it beats playing F1 on the PS3 at home - but this girl seemed to be on the wheel like forever. Grrr.


Anonymous said...

IZ: It's supposed to behave like the real F1 car - meaning it's damn hard to drive. I think you should stick to your PS3.

Anonymous said...

The simulator is fun!! Very hard to control though, its very different from Need For Speed..

Anyway, the simulator is fully booked all the way till end of fri..

Anonymous said...

thanks guys for putting the pics of the booth, its my design, to bad my client dont buy my idea to put the scaled F1 car on the counters track.