Thursday, June 19, 2008

CommunicAsia 2008: Yahoo! oneSearch with voice Demo

Yesterday at the Yahoo! booth, Adam Taggart, Director of Product Marketing for Yahoo! Mobile spent some time with me to tell me more about the new mobile products that Yahoo has rolled out. I'll be posting a series of videos of these product demos today but first up is Adam and Chris from Vlingo talking about Yahoo! oneSearch with voice.

I got a chance to try out Yahoo! oneSearch with voice myself after the the video shoot and it worked pretty well but it did come up short when I did a search for "I.Z. Reloaded".


It gave me "Eyebag Removal" instead. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

Live @ CommunicAsia 2008: Yahoo! oneSearch with voice
Live @ CommunicAsia 2008: Yahoo! Press Conference

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