Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Live @ CommunicAsia 2008 Day 2: Yahoo Ice Cream!



Looks like Yahoo! is not only reinventing the mobile internet but it is also reinventing ice cream! Over at the Cafe Yahoo! located inside the Yahoo! booth, you can get free ice cream with flavours like Mrs Smith, Honey Dew, Milo Peng and Horlick. I'm not sure which one I tried - it looks chocolaty - but it's damn delicious.


Anonymous said...

I tried it too, it was awesome. I've had it every day for the last two days.....Go Yahoo!

Anonymous said...

uve probably tried the milo peng which is my fav too.

Anonymous said...

IZ: Any idea when Yahoo gonna start this new business of theirs to challenge Ben & Jerrys? lol