Thursday, January 22, 2009

Confessions of a girl who became an escort to pay for her college

Emma Lee writes about her college years when she first started having sex for money. She thought since she was already having meaningless sex, it might as well pay for her tuition. From Elle:
In the movies, men who use prostitutes are rude and demanding. But a majority of the guys I met at least acted respectful. Most men aren't any more turned on by sterile, businesslike sex than women are. They tried to forge some element of connection, and they wanted me to have an orgasm, even if their ideas about how to give me one were overinfluenced by unrealistic porno flicks.

"lt's your dime," I'd tell them, after they wouldn't stop asking me what I liked, what I wanted to do. Most were nervous and didn't know exactly what they desired, so I ended up playing sex detective while wishing they'd give me some freaking directions so I could finish and go home.Sometimes they made it easy, like this guy on the Lower East Side who'd breathe, "Look at you," like he was in utter awe. That worshipful attention was almost as addictive as the money; on a good call, I felt like a sex goddess. To these men, I was never on my period, never wore granny panties or blew off shaving my legs, was never tired or in a bad mood.

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