Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Facebook drove 15,000 people to the Singapore Tattoo Show

David Meerman Scott, a viral marketing strategist and the author of three books on marketing, on how an active Facebook group drove 15,000 people to visit the recent Singapore Tattoo Show. From Web Ink Now:
Andrew Peters is the brains behind the social media promotions leading up to the Singapore Tattoo Show, working on both traditional and social media publicity.

What I find fascinating as a show promotional tool was the Facebook Group called Tattoo Artistry that was started three months prior to the event. This is important for all show organizers to study.

Andrew used Facebook as a way for people to connect well before the physical event and the Tattoo Artistry Facebook Group quickly gained 3,000 members, securing a place as the center of this artwork for the region. In a sense, the physical show started with a virtual group. The is new marketing for conferences and events.

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