Saturday, January 24, 2009

smashLAB to Discovery Channel: Smash Lab sucks!

The folks from smashLAB, an interactive agency writes an open letter to Discovery Channel saying that their program Smash Lab sucks. Hmmm, but I love Smash Lab. Ok, maybe their first season. I have yet to watch the new season on Discovery so no comment but I do know one thing, I love Deanne Bell. She's delicious. Ahem. From Smash Lab sucks:
Since 2000 we’ve had a nice little design studio called smashLAB and we work hard on it every day. People (generally) say nice things about us, and we were starting to make a good name for ourselves.

Then along you came with your fucking awful television program with the same fucking name. Surely you researched this before airing the program. I can only suppose that you felt we were so small that you could just poach it. Fine enough--I guess that's life.

The problem is that your program seems to suck. So now when someone does a Google search for "smashLAB", they find endless posts about how badly “smash lab sucks”. Great. Now we suck by association, just because you lifted our name.

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