Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today's Singapore News

The following are stories that are making the headlines over at Topix Singapore News today, edited by yours truly.

-Amnesty urges Singapore to stop executions: Human rights watchdog Amnesty International on Wednesday asked Singapore to make public "comprehensive information" about its use of the death penalty and again urged the government to stop executions.
-Technical glitch causes long queue for ComfortDelgro cabbies: Long queues of blue ComforDelgro cabs formed as early as 7 am this morning along Sin Ming Drive service centres, as taxi drivers came in to get their mobile data terminals fixed.
-Electric scooter coming to Singapore: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has given initial approval for a new electric scooter to be brought to Singapore by five-month-old local company Zeco Scooters.
-Better and more efficient healthcare service: Patients in Singapore can expect better and more efficient healthcare services with shorter waiting time and longer consultation periods with doctors.
-Pessimistic S’poreans: Pragmatic or helpless?: Pessimism is only to be expected, in times like these. But what some see as typical Singapore expect-the-worst pragmatism, others wonder: Is it rather a sign that we lack mental fortitude and the confidence in our own resilience?
-Parents sue Mindef: The parents of a former full-time national serviceman, who has remained in a coma for over three years after an incident in camp, is taking the Ministry of Defence to court over compensation issues.
-Register of Family Physicians to be set up: A Registry of Family Physicians will be set up under proposed amendments to the Medical Registration Act or MRA. A Family Physicians Accreditation Board will also be established.
-Singaporean activists detained after protesting Burmese migrants’ plight: Two Singaporean activists were detained for five hours on Monday by police after they had protested outside the Ministry of Manpower in solidarity with Burmese migrant workers in the country.
-Singapore is 1st tier arms maker: Some time this year, British troops will be deployed in made-in-Singapore Bronco armoured all-terraintracked carriers in the treacherous combat zones of Afghanistan.
-NTUC FairPrice pledges no retrenchments in next two years: Despite the worsening economy, supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice will continue with plans to open another three outlets and to recruit more management staff.

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