Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How dude duped UK tabloid paper The Sun

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Dude emailed The Sun with a fake news story about a woman who spotted her husband’s car parked outside another woman’s house using Google Street View. Guess what? The Sun took the bait and published the story! From Idiot Forever:
I also got lucky because The Sun is a bunch of fools. The picture I sent wasn’t even a street view. I don’t even know if the picture was of an apartment building. It could be a commercial building for all I know. I just zoomed into London (because that’s the biggest city I know) and picked Victoria Street (because Victoria Beckham is attractive). Then I looked for some parked cars. I guess The Sun didn’t include the Street View picture in their story because they knew it wasn’t a Street View Picture at all and they just wanted to write a fun juicy story.

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Roman said...

Dam it, i loved this story. Although i didnt see that picture just read about it. Its a shame that it was a fake.