Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanted pre-1965 paper money for time travel

Anyone got some pre-1965 paper money? Do help out this dude aye. He needs some old moolah so that he can use them when he goes time traveling. From Craigslist:
I have come into the possession of my great grandfathers life work, among being a decorated aeronautical engineer it would appear he dabbled in the lesser accepted sciences. i have almost finished building his masterpiece a 1952 nash rambler time machine. unfortunately my grandfather didn't live long enough to find an energy source with high enough density to fuel his machine, but i believe i have the problem solved.

serious offers only, i would like to exchange paper money for paper money printed before 1965 (for OBVIOUS reasons!).
(Thanks Mr Big)


Degenerasian said...

Has American money even changed since 1965? You could probably still use today's bills in 1965!

Rickie said...

Good luck to the dude. The last I heard, time traveling is risky.