Thursday, March 12, 2009

Noise Singapore 2009 Artist of the Day: Zhou

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My pick for today's Noise Singapore 2009 Artist of the Day is Zhou! Come on guys and girls, give her some love! Zhou, currently taking a diploma in Visual Communication, is a young artist exploring the fields of graphic design, illustration and photography. Her unusual family background has groomed her into an artist with peculiar and extraordinary thoughts - which are then turned into images on the paper. With a strong curiosity towards ancient history and culture, she often fuses art of different origins together to create her own style.

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Above: Burn money burn by Zhou. She says, "In Singapore, people burn papers every 15th day of the lunar month using these little incinerators (there are bigger ones though). More people burn papers during the 7th lunar month, which is also the hungry ghost festival month. People make paper money, paper cars, paper cigarettes, and paper soft drinks etc, and it is believed that by burning these paper stuff, the spirits in hell will receive them. It is a Chinese tradition, but it's really causing quite some air pollution."

Top: Packed like sardines by Zhou. She says, "For my 20 page illustrated book, inspired by nursery rhymes ... about fish."

Zhou's art is inspired by oriental art from China and Japan, and are filled with details that combine historical traditions with the art of maximalism. She feels that youths nowadays are forgetting their roots as the world is getting more globalised, and she hopes to reach out to these people by spicing up traditional art with her own touch. Oh, and she also secretly wants to be a superhero! You can check out all her work here, here and here.

The Noise Singapore Festival Showcase is now on till 29 March at LevelOne@Far East Plaza. Check it out!

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