Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch out Sony Vaio P, Lenovo Pocket Yoga is coming! Or maybe not.

The Lenovo Pocket Yoga may just be a concept design for now but if you ask me, I think those people in Lenovo should release this right away if they are looking to compete with the Sony Vaio P in the ultra portable PC space. The Lenovo Pocket Yoga is shaped like a large wallet and just like the Sony Vaio P, you can easily put it into your back pocket. If you love the stylish look of the Sony Vaio P, then I'm sure you can easily fall in love with the Lenovo Pocket Yoga which seems like it was designed for fashionistas.

The Pocket Yoga is covered with wallet leather - yes, leather! - and has a 360-degree soft hinge design that allows it to be used used as a laptop or a tablet notebook! That's not all. The elegant belt which wraps around the whole body doubles up as a mouse! No details yet, if and when Lenova will sell this beauty - they've had it developed two years ago! - but I'm sure there is already a long queue waiting to get their hands on it. Me included. More pics of the Lenovo Pocket Yoga here.

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