Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Noise Singapore 2009 Artist of the Day: Hafi

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My Noise Singapore 2009 Artist of the Day for today is Hafi! She is currently in Singapore Polytechnic pursuing a course in Creative Media Design until April 2009, and her interest in illustration grew during her three years in polytechnic. Realising that it is one of her strengths, she always incorporates illustrations into her design works and solutions so that her illustrations are part of something useful and not just merely misinterpreted as artworks, because she believes art may not serve any purpose, but design does.

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Above: Baggage by Hafi: "I want to buy a bag but I do not know which one I wish to buy."

Top: People by Hafi: "I drew some people I randomly surveyed."

Hafi is inspired by nursery rhymes, children's books, babar the elephant, playmobil, geometric patterns, dick bruna, kitsch items, pretty prints and random thoughts she had when she was 2-8 years old. During her free time, she draws and talks to fruits. Yes, fruits! You can view her artwork here or here.

The Noise Singapore Festival Showcase is now on till 29 March at LevelOne@Far East Plaza. Check it out!

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Launch of Noise Singapore Festival Showcase


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