Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Owner of lost camera gets reunited with her pictures

Dude buys a camera from eBay, finds 1100 photos in it and realises that it must have been stolen. So he goes to an internet forum to ask for help to track down the owner. Amazing story, with a happy ending. Remember to read all 5 pages of the thread. There is hope for the human race after all! From Australian Photography Forum:
Few weeks ago I bought digital camera on Internet auction. When it came by post I found memory card inside (Camera was sold without) which is containing more than 1100 pictures taken over North Africa, West Asia and Europe. Camera was probably lost or stolen in Krakow, Poland during short stay in this city in end of September 2008.

Now I'm looking for somebody who:

-know people from pictures
-was in Egypt, Turkey (Istanbul, Gallipoli) , Greece, Swiss, Germany, UK (London), Czech (Prague), Wien, Bucarest, Slovakia, and finally Poland during September 2008
-organize travel tours to ANZAC Cove in Gallipoli and sightseeing over all Europe from Australia

I guess that girl which lost this camera lives in Australia because photo with Australian flag close to ANZAC memorial in Turkey. On one picture I'm trying to read name of girl (label attached to her bag) - its probably Cox Miller
(via Mefi)

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