Tuesday, September 26, 2006

3 year old boy buys car from eBay

I tell you. Kids today are getting smarter. This 3 year old bought a car from eBay! I was still sucking my left thumb when I was 3. From BBC:
A three-year-old boy has used his mother's computer to buy a £9,000 car on an internet auction site.

Jack Neal's parents only discovered their son's successful bid when they received a message from eBay about the Barbie pink Nissan Figaro.

Rachael Neal, 36, said her son was quite good at using the computer.

Mrs Neal, of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, said she had left her eBay password in her computer and her son had used the "buy it now" button.

She said: "Jack's a whizz on the PC and just pressed all the right buttons.

"I was just horrified.

"We now have the parental locks on - and we make sure we sign out of eBay!"
He may be a computer whizz kid but I'm not too sure about his choice of the PINK car. Dude, it's pink, Barbie pink! Ewwwww.


Anonymous said...

I suck thumb too when I was a lil girl.

Anonymous said...

Smells fishy..
I suspect the mum must have bought it accidentally and later on push the blame on the kid.

Anonymous said...

He is showing signs of growing up becoming a gay.

Anonymous said...

winkette: then when you grow you ... *censored*