Thursday, September 07, 2006

No demonstration in Singapore? Let's try Batam!

Hundreds of NGO activists who are unable to hold their public demonstrations in Singapore during the upcoming World Bank/International Monetary Fund annual conference, decide to try Batam instead. From The Jakarta Post:
Warned they were unwelcome in Singapore, the site of an upcoming World Bank/International Monetary Fund annual conference, hundreds of NGO activists from 40 countries chose nearby Batam to host an opposition forum.

But the 700 participants are receiving a similarly frosty reception there as well, with the local authorities rejecting their request to hold the gathering. It was planned for the Haj Dormitory.

Opposition also is coming from an unexpected quarter: their local counterparts and other groups.

The latter, including the Independent Political Watch (IPW), Cinta Anak Negeri, the Marginal People Forum, DPD Formasda, GP 27 Juli, Mapan, BP7KR and youth group Pemuda Pancasila, made their opposition to the event public by jointly placing a half-page, ad in Tribun Batam daily on Monday.

In the ad, they argued a big gathering of NGO activists would undermine the investment climate on the island, which was recently declared a special economic zone, with support from Singapore.
I think they should try Johor Bahru (JB). Similar to Batam, JB is really close to Singapore and besides, they will have a higher chance of a success there. As they would say over there, "Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia Can)!"


Lord Kimbo said...

Hmmm Batam? They chose the wrong place. It belongs to Singapore Inc.

ENG said...

Hahaha JB!

Anonymous said...

People should be allowed to have a peaceful protest.

Jo said...

Malaysia Semua Boleh!


Shy said...

I wonder what happens if they do demonstration in the middle of the Causeway.

Will that be under Singapore's territory or Johor's?

pkchong said...

JB not so fun as Batam... kekeke.

Rickie said...

Good question Shy!

The Causeway bridge belongs to both Singapore and Malaysia so that means it is under the jurisdiction of both countries.

A demonstration in the middle of the Causeway will require both the Malaysian and Singapore police to intervene.

sham said...

is a permit needed to hold demonstrations in johor and the rest of msia?

Anonymous said...

what is the fucking point of holding a demonstration of forum in batam??

it will not grab the attention of the world bank delegates.

Yandao Ban said...

At least over in Batam, after their forum, they can go for other "entertainment"

Mr Big said...

Batam "entertainment" rocks!