Sunday, September 17, 2006

Police statehood taken to new levels

Elia Diodati on Singapore blaring its provincial, arrogant ignorance to the world. From e pur si muove:
I could live with stories of the none-too-subtle posturing and prettifying, from the four million smiles campaign (which has yet to reveal how many pictures were indeed submitted by the time the WB/IMF meeting started) to the sunflowers adorning downtown Singapore to the real-time shuttle bus informational displays to contingency planning for stoically going ahead despite the haze.

I could live with the need for heightened security in preparation for the WB/IMF conference.

But this? Stopping Chee Soon Juan again from doing his song-and-dance routine?

But this? Suing yet another international publication for defamation?

But this? Arresting Seelan Pillai, the guy responsible for the 400 frowns campaign?

But this? Stealing flyers from peaceful activists?

But this? Giving accredited protesters a woefully small space for demonstrations?

But this? Detaining people for questioning and confiscating their computers, just because they sent out a mass email with information on how to stage legal protests?

But this? Arresting and trying Falun Gong protesters, apparently under pressure from the Chinese government?

All this, in the full glare of the international limelight, with every major news outlet keenly following everything going on in the light of the World Bank/IMF meeting?

Well done, Singapore.

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