Thursday, September 28, 2006

Previewing Singapore's free Wi-Fi service

Sumner Lemon previews Wireless@SG, a free Wi-Fi service in Singapore that will begin operation in January 2007 and cover nearly the entire nation. From InfoWorld:
Accessing the Wireless@SG network was a breeze while seated outside a cafe in CityLink Mall. My search for a Wi-Fi connection turned up five access points within range, four of which were labeled "Wireless@SG." Once I had selected a Wireless@SG access point and connected, I opened my browser and found the welcome screen, which requires users to first agree to a set of terms and conditions before they can get online.

My expectations were high. After all, the IDA Web site promised Wireless@SG offers connection speeds up to 512K bps (bits per second), depending on the number of users accessing the network.

An informal test showed I could access U.S. Web sites at speeds of 150K bps, not quite the maximum promised but more than adequate for Web surfing and checking e-mails. That speed also matched the network connection of my laptop's 3G (third-generation) data card when tested from the same location.

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None said...

I wonder how long its gonna stay free once they implement it. (provided if it's really confirmed guarantee plus chop)