Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The boy who will be Emperor

Japan breathes a sigh of relief today when a new baby boy is finally born to its royal family - the first male heir in 41 years! From
At 8:27 this morning, Tokyo time, Japan's Princess Kiko — the wife of Prince Akishino, Emperor Akihito's second son — gave birth to her first boy. Because Crown Princess Masako has only borne a single daughter, and because Japanese law only allows males to ascend to the Chrysanthemum Throne, Kiko's 7.5 lb. baby will almost certainly be the future Emperor of Japan. For the Japanese royal family and its core conservative supporters, the infant prince is cause for both joy and relief. His birth is a guarantee that the supposedly unbroken line of male succession to the throne will continue for at least another generation.
There was a debate on whether the Japanese constitution should be revised to allow women to ascend to the throne but this came under strong opposition. Japan had reigning women empresses in the past. The last time was in 1763 and most were stand-ins until a suitable male can be installed. It's a pity now that the royals have finally got their baby boy, the debate on whether women should ascend the throne will mostly likely be buried. I would have preferred to see Princess Aiko (daughter of Crown Prince and Princess) become the 2nd in line to the throne. She's adorable. Here's the genealogy of the Japanese Imperial Family.


Lady Lara said...

The Japanese are sexist. Period.

Anonymous said...

there are some who suggest the emperor or princes should take in concubines like they used to in the past.

Mr Big said...

Hmmmm, I don't mind concubines.

r'chelle said...

pity the princesses...they are there to make babies.