Saturday, September 09, 2006

McDonald's 1 McCurry 0

McDonald's McCurry in India. Photo by Flickr user Roop Chauhan.

A restaurant in Kuala Lumpur called McCurry, has been ordered not to use the word "Mc" in its name because it confuses and deceives customers into thinking that it is related to McDonald's. From The Star:
Justice Siti Mariah Ahmad also ordered that damages to be paid to McDonald’s Corporation to be assessed.

She ruled that “Mc” was distinctive of McDonald’s either singularly or used in conjunction with items of food and it could therefore claim goodwill and reputation in their business with reference to the prefix.

She added that the curry house by using the word McCurry and employing a signage which featured colours which were distinctive of McDonald’s was indulging in acts that could give rise to confusion and deception.

“The acts of the defendant was a deliberate attempt to get an unfair advantage to the detriment of the plaintiff.
More McCurry pics here and here.

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Ronald wears a turban.