Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Paying for the Army

Blogger Hidayat wonders how much it cost to equip a soldier in Singapore. From Hidayat:
You know, labelling your clothes, counting them to check whether all are accounted for. Redone my camo net for my helmet. Mine was broken and in dire need of medical attention.

While I was sorting them out, minding my own business, it suddenly struck me that at least 100,000 other NS man might be doing the same. With that much stuff just for army, I wonder how much does it cost to equip a soldier. $1000 perhaps?

Multiply that with 100,000, and you'll roughly guess how much it costs to equip the singapore army. Not forgetting the training, the extra equipment such as tonners, jeeps, bikes, etc etc. Man, they cost a lot of $$$$.

So that's why taxpayers are important...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Army boots: $45
Socks: $4
Helmet: $60
The look on your face when you ORD: Priceless