Monday, September 25, 2006

G.I. Joe: The Epic Saga

G.I. Joe: The Epic Saga is a series of short films made by the folks at RavenStake. The series featuring G.I. Joe figurines, are immensely popular and they are definitely one of the funniest shit I've ever seen online. Too bad the folks at Hasbro and their lawyers did not see it that way. RavenStake was sent a cease and desist letter by Hasbro because the use of the G.I. Joe toys and logos in the short films violates their trademark. Now, I've worked with the people from Hasbro once before (long time ago for a story on Furby) and I love the Hasbro folks but I feel they and their stupid lawyers had overreacted to the films. The films are parodies and they are in no way violating any copyright or trademark laws. In fact, they are promoting the long dead G.I. Joe toys in a way that Hasbro can never do. Watch the entire series here.


Anonymous said...

This da best!

Anonymous said...

fuck hasbro!

fuck lawyers!