Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Test your sex knowledge

A recent sex quiz in Britain reveals many British are ignorant about sex facts. For example, one in three of the 500 respondents thought vigorous exercise, urination or washing after sexual intercourse would prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

Here's a sample of the sex quiz. Test yourself and see if you are as ignorant as the British when it comes to sex facts.

Question 1: How many sperm are there in the average ejaculation (when a man 'comes’)?

(a) Up to 50,000 (b) Up to 100 million (c) Up to 300 million

Question 2: What is the average lifetime of a woman’s egg once it has been released from the fallopian tubes?

(a) 5 days (b) 24 hours (c) A week

Question 3: Once inside a woman’s body - what sort of distances do you think sperm do you think sperm can swim on average an hour?

(a) 1 cm an hour (b) 5 cm an hour (c) 9 cm an hour

Question 4: Which of these has the most nerve endings than any other in the body?

(a) The penis (b) The vagina (c) The testicles (d) The clitoris

Question 5: If a man doesn’t ejaculate (or come) for a long time, what happens to his sperm?

(a) They die and are absorbed into the body
(b) They sit in the balls (testicles) becoming stale and old
(c) They swim back up the urethra to testicles where they are made into new sperm.

Question 6: Can swallowing lots of semen make me fat?

(a) Yes (b) No

Question 7: How fast do you think ejaculate travels in miles per hour (mph)?

(a) 1 mph (b) 10 mph (c) 5 mph

Question 8: The combined pill (estrogen and progestogen) the progestogen-only pill, implant, patch, injection IUS (intrauterine system) are all different methods of contraception that contain hormones. How many days after a woman stops using them can she get pregnant?

(a) Between 7- 12 days because this is how long it takes her body to flush the hormones out
(b) From the next day
(c) After about 28 days or after her next period when her menstrual cycle has gone back to normal

Question 9: If no contraception is used, which ONE of the following do you think would stop a woman from becoming pregnant if she does it immediately after sex?

(a) Urinating (peeing)
(b) Douching (washing) the internal and external genital area to remove all traces of sperm
(c) Short bursts of vigorous exercise (or 'sperm dancing’) to shake out all traces of sperm
(d) None of these

Question 10: When is a woman’s most fertile time (the time in her menstrual cycle when she is most likely to become pregnant)?

(a) During the first 7 days immediately after her period has finished
(b) Between 10-16 days before she expects her next period
(c) Exactly 7 days before she expects her next period

Question 11: How long do you think sperm can live inside a woman’s body for?

(a) Up to 12 hours (b) Up to 48 hours (2 days) (c) Up to 7 days (a week)

Question 12: Pre-ejaculate (the fluid a man produces before he properly ejaculates or 'comes’) does not contain sperm’. Do you think this statement is true or false?

Get your answers here.


Anonymous said...

I got so many wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

Question 6: Can swallowing lots of semen make me fat?

Answer: No


Anonymous said...

It is confirmed. I'm as ignorant as those Brits.

Anonymous said...

Last time my exs all pee after they have sex with me. Maybe they also think they will not get pregnant if they pee liao.

Anonymous said...

Im so guilty of douching.


Anonymous said...

IZ: How many did you get right?

Anonymous said...

Question 5: If a man doesn’t ejaculate (or come) for a long time, what happens to his sperm?

his sperm becomes suicidal and kills itself... man then becomes monk.

Anonymous said...

there are so many things that i did not know until now. thanks iz.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! I think most people will not be able to answer all correctly.

Anonymous said...

>Question 6: Can swallowing lots of semen make me fat?

no ladies... it will make u slimmer and prettier...kekeke

Anonymous said...

Quiz should be done on other countries too.

It will be interesting to see how other countries fare.

I believe most of us are ignorant about these sex facts.

Anonymous said...

Sperm dancing - LOL

Anonymous said...

Beng ah, I make my girlfrens go wash after sex too.

I.Z. Reloaded said...

Shy: Only 5 correct mate.

Tatiana said...

Peeing after sex may have no impact on whether your get pregnant or not, but it does reduce the chance of urinary tract infections, so whiz away!

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