Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blog A Penguin Classic

I love what Penguin has done with its 'Blog A Penguin Classic' programme. I think more book publishers should do something similar too. From Blog A Penguin Classic:
The Penguin Classics and Penguin Modern Classics list offer an unrivalled range of more than 1,400 books from around the world and across the centuries. It includes many of the best books ever written, of course, as well as lots of surprises and a few oddities. And it would not survive without the support and enthusiasm of readers and we want to give those readers a chance to share what they think of the books.

So we've set up, blogapenguinclassic.co.uk and are inviting you, the readers to take part. Each of the 1,400 Penguin Classics is up for grabs to the earliest birds and here’s how it works: Sign-up and if you’re quick enough, you’ll become one of the lucky people to receive a randomly chosen, FREE Penguin Classic in the post. Plus you’ll be the first to review it here, enabling the blog, and comments, to begin! Each day, three new reviews will be posted, so keep an eye out for yours and don’t forget everyone can comment on a book once it’s become active.

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