Tuesday, October 23, 2007

He-Man is in New York!

According to the Find He-Man blog, He-Man has been found walking the streets of Manhattan! No word yet on where She-Ra, Skeletor and the rest of the Masters Of The Universe can be found. From Find He-Man:
Our mission, and yours, is one in the same. We must find He-Man. We must document his existence as much as is humanly possible. This effort has been started in the hopes that we can preserve his good will and intentions to the human race. If you live in the Manhattan area and have a He-Man sighting, we urge you to please send in any video, photographical, or even written evidence of this sighting. Please note that He-Man is not any man who simply fits the description of He-Man; he is one specific man. If you see him, you will know. Please do not let this stop you from sending in your sightings, and please do not let him know you have sighted him. For if He-Man were to find out about this website, the entire internet will instantly be destroyed, at the very least.

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