Monday, October 15, 2007

Pepsi vs Coca Cola

The Cola Wars have now been taken a new level thanks to these two jokers. From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Robert Koscho, 48, of Ebensburg, who works for Coke, and David Paulina, 42, of Clymer, who works for Pepsi, were on duty last Monday at the Wal-Mart in White Township.

Mr. Koscho was filling in for the regular sales rep and placing orders. Mr. Paulina was delivering Pepsi. Both were "apparently bickering back and forth," police said, although the reason remains in dispute.

As Mr. Koscho was leaving the store, he told police, Mr. Paulina called him over to the side of the Wal-Mart.

There, according to a police news release, he "punched the victim three times in the face," breaking Mr. Koscho's nose and giving him a black eye.
Looks like it's Pepsi 1 Coke 0 in this round.

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