Friday, October 19, 2007

Build Your Wild Self


Introducing I.Z. - the Ibex-rab-conda-ger-fly-bird! Cute aye. So what's so wild about me?

I have Ibex horns can grow up to three feet long. Unlike antlers, which are shed every year, I get to keep my Ibex horns for life. Animals like rabbits have to be on the lookout for danger all the time. My large ears help me listen for trouble. My forked anaconda tongue collects odor molecules from the air and brings them back to tiny grooves in the roof of my mouth, letting me "taste" the air. I have extra large Siberian tiger paws that work just like snowshoes and prevent me from sinking in the snow. My eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly wings are camouflaged to trick enemies into attacking the wrong end, so I that can escape unharmed. And lastly, my lesser bird of paradise feathered tail. Male birds of paradise use their brightly colored tail feathers in mating dances to attract females.

Build your wild self here.

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