Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crazy Thriller World Record Breaking Event

This sounds like fun. Fans of Michael Jackson's Thriller would want to take part in Thrill The World and break the world record:
Thrill The World is a worldwide attempt to break the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the Largest Simultaneous Dance with Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” Thousands of people in cities around the world will learn the “Thriller” dance and perform it at the exact same time on October 27/ 28, 2007. If you’ve ever seen the music video and thought, “I wish I could do that!” – this year, you will.

Currently we have over 60 officially registered events in 15 countries on 5 continents.
No idea if there's an event in Singapore but you may want to get some inspiration here and here before starting one.

"Thriller, thriller night! There aint no second chance against the thing with forty eyes. You know its thriller, thriller night!"

I'm rockin to it already.

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Anonymous said...

there is an attempt taking place in dublin ireland tonight my son is in it and so looking forward to it ... it is on at 11pm here good luck to aLL taking part in this :)