I've been kicked out of YouTube!

As they say, three strikes and you're out. That's what happened to me last night after some of my readers told me they couldn't view the YouTube video I posted yesterday.

Yup, I've been kicked out of YouTube!

When I first checked my YouTube account to find out what's wrong, it says: "Your account has been permanently disabled." WTF! And all the videos that I have uploaded are gone too. Sux! I checked YouTube's Help Center and this is what it has to say about accounts that are disabled: "Accounts determined to be repeat infringers may be subject to termination."

So far I have received two DMCA notices from YouTube claiming that two of the videos I uploaded in the past have infringed copyrights. The first one is a clip of ESPN Sportscenter HotDog Challenge and the other is a clip of an Ossim iGallop ad. Both actions by YouTube and the copyright owners are unfair and stupid, imho.

I guess the video I posted yesterday could have been the last straw. I don't get it. How can a one minute clip of a long suffering fan cheering and shouting for his team in front of the TV when it is showing his team being presented with the trophy in an important final be infringing any copyright? If I want to be a copyright infringer, I would have posted the entire match you dimwits!



Anonymous said…
Congrats! What an honour. Popular blogger gets kicked out of YouTube. kekeke.

Dude, go set up another account.
Anonymous said…
Oh no!!! There goes the sexy IZ Dance video on YouTube. :o(
Anonymous said…
That's horrible. Go write to YouTube to get your account back.
Anonymous said…
they banned u becoz of that?!! thatz fuckin' ridiculouz!!!
Anonymous said…
lol. maybe they are chelsea fans (just like me) :D
Anonymous said…
Your shouting in the clip is too loud thats why

Anonymous said…
hug hug

try signing up for a new account.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear. I didn't realise YouTube is so strict. There are so many videos there are are far worse in terms of copyright infringement.
Anonymous said…
hope u still have all ur youtube videos saved in ur pc.

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