Monday, February 11, 2008

WIKISKY is the mother of all free star maps

I have been craving for a good but free online star map for a long time and today I finally found one. WIKISKY is a non-commercial project with the main purpose of consolidating astronomical, astrophysical and other information about different space objects and astrophysical facts. It has an exceptionally detailed map of the night sky and can display about 500 million space objects.

The site is so easy to use and navigate - kinda reminds of Google Maps. Clicking on the SDSS button at the left upper corner generates a real high resolution Sky Survey image of the area that I am browsing - which is really neat - and I think the map shows stars down to magnitude 9+. WIKISKY is so god damn good that I get occasional cosmic orgasms just by using it. Yes, it is really that good. No wait, it's better than good!

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